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3rd May 2010 - Lemsford Village Day - Our Debut!

Click on these links to see video of our performances between the rain showers.


                                                          Includes Halima Pakashalo



                                                          Includes Down In the Valley, Tallis Canon and Da Do Ron Ron.

Part 2 - after the rain!

Part of the school's Anniversary Celebrations.  Songs include Da Do Ron Ron, Tallis Canon, The Ash Grove, Hey! Mr Miller and a Gospel Medley.

22 May 2010 - St. Philip Howard School, Hatfield

Click on the links below to hear the songs.  Including our debut performance of Sto mi E Milo - a song we thought we'd never be able to master but which has become one of our favourites!

Si Si Si

A christmas concert with Monks Walk School, Welwyn Garden City featuring Sing Christmas Time which was written by a member of our choir, David Ford.

Shto Mi E Milo

6th Dec 2010, St Johns, Digswell

Below are some pictures, videos and sound clips of our performances in our first year.

Part 1 - with the children lemsford

13th Nov 2010 - St. Michaels Church, Hatfield

Youtube link concert1

26th June 2010 - The Ryde School, Hatfield

Singing at the Summer fete.


                                     Songs include Da Do Ron Ron, The Ash Grove, Tallis  Canon



                                     Janie Mama, Only You, Hey! Mister Miller

Part 1
Part 2

12th July 2010 - Hatfield Schools Consortium

A concert with primary and secondary schools from Hatfield.  We sang in the Weston Hall Auditorium at the University of Hertfordshire.

Tallis Canon
Shto Mi e Milo She Moved Though the Fair Hashivenu Get Happy Sing Christmas Time Get Happy StJohns3