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  1. Join Diane and Six on Sax on Sunday 30th July for an afternoon of music and cake. See Events page for more details.

    (Posted on 2017-07-05 12:39:00 by hatwelchoir)
  2. Rachel and I are appearing in a charity concert with the Mike O'Neill Big Band at Knight's Templar School, Park Street in Baldock tomorrow night if anyone fancies it. Tickets £10.00 on the door.

    (Posted on 2017-03-01 12:55:00 by benfalkiner)
  3. Message from Rachel for Wed 8th Feb rehearal in prep for WGC main Library "gig" on Tuesday 14th Feb: Please bring America, Seiber Hungarian Folksongs , Queen Medley , Amazing
    Grace , One More Time , American Trilogy .
    It is likely that we will also sing Shooby do wah, One Bottle of Pop, Belle
    Mama,several gospels eg Swing Low, When the Saints etc .

    (Posted on 2017-02-06 17:52:00 by reg)
  4. I will be bringing some of our lovely eggs to choir tonight. If you would like some please bring £1.50.

    (Posted on 2016-09-21 16:27:00 by Clare)
  5. Here are some more of my gigs, in case you wanted to have a choir trip.
    October 1 - The Bull, London Colney
    October 28 - The White Swan, St Albans
    November 5 - Blacksmiths Arms, St Albans
    November 10 - Farmers Boy, St Albans
    November 12 - The Tavern, Old Welwyn
    December 2 - Farmers Boy, St Albans
    December 10 - The Bull, London Colney

    (Posted on 2016-06-26 23:50:00 by Ben)
  6. A couple of people have asked me for my band's gig dates so here are the next few local ones:

    May 28th - The Bull, London Colney. 9pm

    June 3rd - The Tavern, Old Welwyn. 9pm

    July 17th (Sunday)The Bull, London Colney. 4pm

    Hope some of you can make one.

    (Posted on 2016-05-27 06:49:00 by benfalkiner)
  7. New ending for the Queen Medley is now available to download. Please bring a few extra copies to choir this week just in case not many people see this. Thanks!

    (Posted on 2016-05-16 20:47:00 by hatwelchoir)
  8. Committee meeting minutes are on the Members' Forum for you to download and view

    (Posted on 2016-04-28 15:51:00 by hatwelchoir)
  9. Ruddigore music now ready - sorry I didn't get it ready sooner. I hope some of you get this before rehearsal tonight!

    (Posted on 2016-04-27 16:42:00 by hatwelchoir)
  10. Sound file for the new piece from Ruddigore are available to listen to. Words to follow.

    (Posted on 2016-04-06 17:44:00 by hatwelchoir)
  11. YOUR Choir's Committee Meeting 13th April 2016 @ 7pm at The Red Lion, Hatfiled. Or just come along for a social drink after the meeting at 8pm.

    (Posted on 2016-03-24 10:59:00 by reg)
  12. Spring Sing - this Saturday 10.30-4.30, Cuffley. See events page for details of this workshop and a downloadable poster

    (Posted on 2016-03-15 12:21:00 by hatwelchoir)
  13. Upcoming mini concert & workshop at WGC Library 16 Feb. 2016
    See events page for details

    (Posted on 2016-01-08 14:01:00 by suebakewell)
  14. As our Christmas concerts are fast approaching please can everyone do their very best to get to rehearsals so that we sound truly angelic when we perform!

    (Posted on 2015-11-09 20:50:00 by hatwelchoir)
  15. Thank you everyone for another successful gig at Mill Green Museum, made even better by the wonderful sunshine and tasty cream teas!

    (Posted on 2015-10-04 21:28:00 by hatwelchoir)
  16. Ben's Band are performing at The White Swan in St Albans this coming Sunday - 5th April at 9pm. Let's make it a choir night out!

    (Posted on 2015-04-01 15:58:00 by Clare)
  17. Don't forget we start back this Wednesday, 7th Jan for a full 12 week term. See you there!

    (Posted on 2015-01-04 12:52:00 by Clare)
  18. Hi All. I hope you are enjoying the fantastic British summer weather this holiday - who needs Spain? Looking forward to seeing everyone back on Weds 17th September.
    New music available to practise before we return!

    (Posted on 2014-08-12 07:55:00 by Clare)
  19. Six on Sax - a programme of light music (including Diane). Sunday 3rd Aug, 2.15-5pm, Hertford.
    See calendar for details

    (Posted on 2014-06-25 10:36:00 by Clare)
  20. Our next concert is at the Barn Theatre on 22 June 2014 7pm. We will be joined by Bravoce and a special guest Des Turner (Bass Baritone). See the link to the facebook event or go to the barn theatre website:

    (Posted on 2014-06-11 12:58:00 by charly)
  21. Hi All
    I've been asked to put my band gig dates on here so here they are up to the Summer.
    May 30th - The White Swan, St. Albans

    June 20th - The Tavern, Old Welwyn

    June 21st - The Bull, London Colney

    July 4th - The White Swan, St Albans

    July 26th - The Blacksmith's Arms, St. Albans

    August 1st - The White Swam, St Albans

    (Posted on 2014-04-30 21:37:00 by Ben)
  22. O Isis und Osiris available for practising

    See you at St Johns at 5.15pm next week.

    (Posted on 2014-04-25 17:50:00 by hatwelchoir)
  23. New tunes to learn for next term now available. Keep checking back as there is more to come....Don't forget we're back on the 23rd. Happy Easter!

    (Posted on 2014-04-02 11:37:00 by hatwelchoir)
  24. Website now updated and new dates added to the calendar. Please add them to your diary.

    (Posted on 2014-01-14 14:24:00 by hatwelchoir)
  25. Merry Christmas Everyone. See you all on the 8th Jan. x

    (Posted on 2013-12-14 20:17:00 by hatwelchoir)
  26. New words and music from last rehearsal ready for your delectation!

    (Posted on 2013-11-16 09:35:00 by hatwelchoir)
  27. As requested on Wednesday here are my band's local gig dates up to the end of the year
    October 26 - The Bull, London Colney
    November 2 - The Tavern, Old Welwyn
    November 8 - The White Swan, St Albans
    December 13 - The White Swan, St Albans
    December 28 - The Bull, London Colney

    (Posted on 2013-09-27 22:47:00 by Ben)
  28. New photos and links added to the 2013 Archive, including Dave's farewell do. Please email me if you have anything to add.

    (Posted on 2013-09-18 13:03:00 by hatwelchoir)
  29. New dates added to the calendar. Please have a look. See you all tonight at 7pm

    (Posted on 2013-09-18 11:11:00 by hatwelchoir)
  30. 1st rehearsal after the holidays will be on Weds 18th Sept at 7pm - looking forward to singing again!

    (Posted on 2013-07-24 11:56:00 by hatwelchoir)
  31. I've popped a little something in our special website place.....

    (Posted on 2013-06-28 14:17:00 by David)
  32. Just a quick thank you to all for a fabulous evening on Wednesday. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. A more comprehensive appreciation will follow......

    (Posted on 2013-06-28 05:01:00 by David)
  33. And don't forget final reghearsal this year is on 26th June at the Red Lion - usual time - sing and be Sociable.....!

    (Posted on 2013-06-13 08:03:00 by David Forbes)
  34. No rehearsal next week, 29th May as it's half term. See you back on Weds 5th June for our last rehearsal before the concert at St Philip howard School. We'll be doing new pieces Clear the Line and Dirty Old Town so please practise over the hols.

    (Posted on 2013-05-22 22:11:00 by hatwelchoir)
  35. Don't forget to buy your tickets for the concert at the Barn Theatre on 28th April. You can dowload the programme from the events page.

    (Posted on 2013-04-18 21:23:00 by hatwelchoir)
  36. No choir on the 20th Feb during half term. Back on the 27th for our last rehearsal before our next concert on the 2nd March

    (Posted on 2013-02-18 09:45:00 by hatwelchoir)
  37. Concert dates added to the Calendar. Don't forget to let your friends and family know!

    (Posted on 2013-02-10 19:32:00 by hatwelchoir)
  38. Audio parts for Speed Your Journey and You've Got a Friend now available.

    (Posted on 2013-02-10 19:30:00 by hatwelchoir)
    Can everyone who still has a choir folder at home, please remember to bring it back. Thanks

    (Posted on 2012-10-08 12:28:00 by hatwelchoir)
  40. Choir will start at 7.15 starting on Oct 10th for a period of about 4 weeks. No choir on Oct 31st as it's half term.
    Keep checking here for any changes.

    (Posted on 2012-09-26 20:21:00 by hatwelchoir)
  41. Join us at the Hatfield Christmas Lights switch on on November 24th. This will be our main Festive Season appearance

    (Posted on 2012-07-26 20:49:00 by hatwelchoir)
  42. See you all back at our first rehearsal on September 19th. Enjoy the Holidays!

    (Posted on 2012-07-26 20:43:00 by hatwelchoir)
  43. Check out the new calendar page and let us know if you have any events to shout about.

    (Posted on 2012-05-09 13:16:00 by hatwelchoir)
  44. Send me your pictures and videos of our concerts and I'll add them to the site.

    (Posted on 2012-05-01 21:09:00 by hatwelchoir)

New Term & Recruitment Night on Wednesday 13 September 2017 at 7.00pm
Onslow St Audrey's School, Hatfield AL10 8AB

Informal carol singing at Mill Green Museum Sunday 26 November at 2.30pm

Joint concert with Baldock Community Orchestra 'Winterlude' on Friday 8 December 2017 at 7.30pm

Details & publicity posters for upcoming performances available on Events page

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